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Macroeconomic Report Database

        Under the guidance and instructions of numerous experts of Development Research Center of the State Council and of different domestic and foreign institutions, the Macroeconomic Report Database contains a series of research reports written by a large number of macroeconomic researchers through ascertaining, analyzing and investigating the atmosphere and circumstances of and the internal and external environment surrounding the reform of Chinese economic development, based on the abundant and authoritative data resources of DRCnet. The database consists of three sub-databases: Monthly Analysis, monographs and Decision-Making References. This series of reports, comprehensively and profoundly anatomizing China's macroeconomic policy (re-)orientation, economic changes and hotspot issues from various perspectives, has demonstrated its importance in satisfying the demands in governmental and corporative decision-makings the one hand, and in functioning as reliable references for economic and financial researches on the other.

* The series of DRCnet Database products are released in both internet edition (members only) and LAN edition (local database), satisfying all kinds of users' reading and operating demands.



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